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Your Goals, Become Our Goals

At Biz Filing Pros, we become partners in your journey and celebrate every success and milestone with you! Whether your goal is to start a new business, trademark your existing business, build business credit, buy a home, purchase a brand new car, negotiate a lower APR, or to simply take back control of your finances, we're committed to helping you reach your goals. Be in control and start living the life you deserve and leverage your new credit to build wealth for generations to come.

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This isn't a quick fix. Our credit restoration program is an investment that will help you leverage your credit and maintain a healthy credit profile giving you endless opportunities to build wealth and change your life.


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Credit Repair

Regain control of your financial profile as we evaluate your credit, debt, and budget looking for areas of improvement.

DIY Credit Repair

We provide you with the tools to take back control of your credit success and correct errors and inaccuracies on your credit report the right way.
Coming Soon

Business Credit

Learn how we can help you establish business credit and gain access to various lines of credit for your business.
Coming Soon

Business Formation

Ready to start your business? Let us ensure you are set up for success in forming your LLC, S-Corp or C-Corp with your state.

Trademark Protection

Let us help you take that crucial step in protecting your brand and intellectual property by correctly filing to obtain your trademark. 
Coming Soon

ChexSystems Removal

Restore your banking privileges and let us file a dispute against the negative information banks have reported to the ChexSystems database.

Coming Soon



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